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COVID-19 Update

At Eastmount Chiropractic and Wellness, we’ve been caring for your health since 1997.  During that time, we’ve been able to provide exceptional care regardless of circumstance.  The current COVID-19 pandemic, however, presents an unusual challenge for all health care providers.  Thankfully, our public health officials have acted swiftly to ensure that the spread of the novel coronavirus is limited as much as possible.  Here are some of the ways that we are making sure you can still get the quality care you’ve come to expect from us during this crisis:

Regular Sanitation Practices

Since we opened our doors, we have practiced regular sanitation to help prevent infectious disease and maintain cleanliness.  These practices include regular wiping of tables between patients, use of new headrest paper and consistent use of hand sanitizer or hand washing.  Hand sanitizer is available in rooms for both providers and patients.  Additional steps that we are now implementing include the following:

  • We will be staggering our appointment time slots in order to promote social distancing and reduce the number of patients in our reception area at any given time.
  • We will be removing some chairs in our waiting room to increase space between patients/visitors.
  • Patients will, for the time being, no longer have to sign in upon arrival.
  • You may notice that some of our staff may be wearing medical masks.
  • Dr. Tony and Dr. Chris have postponed their March break travel plans to comply with Health Canada’s recommendations.


While we are taking additional action to ensure the health and safety of everyone visiting our office, patients also need to play an active role in staying healthy and helping control the spread of this virus.  Here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer regularly.
  • Keep at least one meter away from anyone who is coughing.
  • If you sneeze or cough, do so into your elbow crease.
  • If you feel unwell in any way, stay home until you recover.
  • If your symptoms include fever, cough and/or difficulty breathing and have either traveled in the past 14 days or come in contact with someone who has traveled in the past 14 days, contact your medical doctor or call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000.
  • As per Canada’s Public Health Agency, if you travel outside Canada, consider waiting 14 days after your return before you set up an appointment.


As many of our patients have already realized, back pain and neck pain won’t stop because of a viral outbreak.  You can rest assured that you will still be able to safely get the care you need at Eastmount Chiropractic.

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