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Eastmount Chiropractic and Wellness Centre is located just off the Lincoln Alexander Parkway near the corner of Upper Ottawa and Stonechurch in Hamilton.

Our clinic serves as a perfect example of the commitment we have made to provide the most effective forms of treatment in an environment that is welcoming and comfortable.

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Welcome back!  We are back up and running with all our regular services including chiropractic, massage and physiotherapy.  We are proud to say that we have been implementing the infection control protocols mandated by the Ministry of Health since day 1 of the pandemic and we are confident that we will be able to continue to maintain a high standard of safety as we welcome all our patients back to the office.  When you do contact us for an appointment, you will be asked a series of standard screening questions and your treating provider will also be wearing a mask for your protection.  These are just some of the ways we are making sure you to keep you out of harm’s way while you get the care you need.  Please check back for updates or call the office for latest information.  We look forward to seeing you!


Everyone in Ontario deserves effective, efficient health care.  Chiropractors are already an integral part of the health system, but they could do even more with the right tools.  These include ordering certain types of relevant lab tests and advanced imaging.  This could help streamline delivery and ease the burden on family physicians.  If you agree that chiropractors should be allowed to order these tests, visit redtaperelief.ca to make your voice heard.  Let’s get rid of red tape!

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